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Do you need advice on your racking and warehouse layout ? We can offer a free site survey service even before we deliver.

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We often have great deals in our clearance offers. All this racking is perfectly sound but we just need to clear it out to create space in our warehouse.

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We always pay top prices for good quality used racking and used shelving. So, why don’t you contact us and we’ll give you a fair price for your racking.

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We buy used racking!

We always pay top prices for good quality used racking and used shelving.

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Not many people realise that they can get finance for used racking. Finance is available to limited companies with a reasonable credit rating.

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We know that things can get broken. That’s why we do offer a guarantee for our products.

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Buying second hand racking is of benefit to the environment. We take our environmental responsibilities seriously.

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Useful things to know

This website explains many of the mysteries, truths and lies with regards to secondhand racking, used racking, refurbished racking or whatever else it is called such as pre-owned. We believe that the secondhand racking market is a mess. There are no specific standards it is very much buyer beware. There is little trust between suppliers and customers. It is our aim to change the secondhand racking market. There are a number of ways that we aim to do this.

  1. We provide a guaranteed quality of racking that we call our Gold Standard racking. This racking comes with the following guarantee.
    1. The racking has no labels on
    2. The racking has no indentations
    3. The racking is currently available new within the UK.
    4. A lifetime guarantee that the racking supplied will be fit for purpose.
  2. We have an on line racking design service that will give you instantly a meaningful quote for our Gold Standard racking and also our shelving.
  3. By providing a whole of life support system aimed at getting the most out of the racking you already have and that you may buy from us.
  4. It is not only pallet racking that we supply but also other storage systems in particular steel shelving which also comes with our Gold Standard.

For sellers of secondhand racking we can offer premium prices especially if your racking can meet our Gold Standard. Even if it does not we still offer competitive prices. Contact us for a no obligation quote. Many if not most secondhand or used racking suppliers are L.I.A.R.’s. They supply secondhand or used racking with Labels, Indentations And Redundant manufacturers. Most are not actually liars as they are upfront with the quality of the used racking supplied but how can the novice racking buyer be sure that the pallet racking system they buy is safe. However, when we talk about honesty amongst pallet racking suppliers for both used racking and new perhaps the most misleading of all are some suppliers of new only racking.

This is a difficult question to answer as used racking or second hand racking can vary in condition. All pallet racking manufacturers advise against buying and using used racking but is there any logic to this argument after all pallet rack manufacturers could be said to have a vested interest and cannot really give an unbiased view on the merits of used racking. Being totally rational when analyzing the merits of used racking you should ask the question as to what is different from moving some racking within your own company to bringing some used racking from a third party. The difference is that with the used racking you do not know the history of that racking. It could have been overloaded or been stored outside. We pride ourselves in the quality of the used racking we offer our customer’s, please see above the aims for details of our racking standards.
All racking suppliers without exception will happily take down previously installed pallet racking and re-locate it for the same customer. It could therefore be argued that this racking is now second-hand because what is the difference between this and a used racking supplier taking down some racking in one clients premises and installing it in another companies warehouse? The fact of the matter is so much is down to trust. What is the history of the pallet racking being supplied and what is its condition.
In truth most racking supplied and used in the UK far exceeds the requirements of most customers. The majority of pallet racking sold either new or as second-hand has a capability of storing pallets weighing 1000 kg. In fact very few customers in reality have pallets that weigh anywhere near this weight. The 1000 kg load is a rounded off figure, if there was some science behind this figure then it is a huge coincidence that the calculations provide a figure of 1000kgs. In reality most fork trucks are designed to lift at least 1000 kg and this is probably where the desire for racking of this capacity comes from. In fact very few installations designed to take 1000 kg pallets actually get anywhere near this capacity. The SEMA code of practice (click here for more info on SEMA) states that when a pallet racking beam level is loaded to its maximum capacity it can deflect by a ratio of 1 in 200. In practice a typical UK beam of 2700mm can in fact deflect by up to 13.5mm i.e. about half an inch in old money. Frequently rack inspectors are called in to examine racking which has what appears to be a large deflection although it is extremely rare that the deflection gets anywhere near this level. So to summarize the position with second-hand racking much comes down to trust and the buyer beware however we offer our no LIAR service that we call our Gold Standard of used racking.
On many occasions buying secondhand racking can be a false economy. There are a number of examples that demonstrate this point.

  • A client had received a quote for secondhand racking using standard 2250mm beams with 1100mm deep frames to store a mixture of UK and Euro pallets. He had been offered a “fantastic deal on some nearly new racking” however he then looked around the market to source a cheaper price. We looked at the operation and noted that at any one time he did not know what the mix of pallets would be so we analyzed the loss of pallets in various scenarios with 2700mm beams and with 2250mm beams. In simple terms on a 2700mm beam with Euro pallets there is wasted space (i.e. gaps between pallets) of 14% but with UK pallets this is 28%, similarly with 2250mm beams designed for UK pallets the loss is 14% but with Euros it is 33%. So this gave an average loss of 21% or 23.5%. We suggested that by using 3600mm beams there was an average loss of only 16%. We then took various stocking combination that he had previously held and found that we could confidently store more than 10% extra pallets in his warehouse. Although in this instance the price per pallet position stored was only 21% more than his secondhand option and the fact that he could accommodate 10% extra pallets in the same area. The customer was embarrassed to go back to his bosses and tell them they could manage with a smaller warehouse which would have saved considerable money, he chose to buy the used racking he had already been offered.
  • When it is not possible to buy spare parts at a sensible cost for future repairs. Many racking systems are either obsolete or from manufacturers that tightly control the distribution of spare parts and hence the cost of these parts.
  • When it is not possible to certify the capacity of the racking. It is a generally accepted health and safety requirement to clearly identify the capacity of any racking. This is normally done by displaying a load sign on the end of each rack. When it comes to second hand racking no one can adequately guarantee what that racking will take once it has been used. Most reputable suppliers however will have access to the original manufacturers loading data and will be able to put a load sign on with the design capacities when the racking was supplied new. This is no different to racking that has been previously bought new and repositioned after a few years. However the data for some racking manufacturers may not be available so ensure before purchasing the racking that you have the rack capacities in writing. If not buy new.

So to summarise the position with secondhand racking much comes down to trust and the buyer. Beware however we offer our no LIAR service which we call our Gold Standard of used racking.

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We had ordered some used drive in racking from a local company only to be let down at the last minute. I then did a search on the Internet and found They were extremely professional and quoted me a competitive price and completed within the agreed timescale. The racking has been fully refurbished with many new parts so it is as good as new. I would recommend anyone to give a call.
Nick Kirby, Storefast
I just received the delivery. Thanks for all your help with this order. I know who to contact first next time!
Kevin Allard, Norwich Books & Music

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